Parish Statistics

Down this page, three tables have been compiled with information derived from the

In these tables, all figures have been taken directly from reports from the ABS website. Some figures may appear to be difficult to reconcile. Inquiries should be directed to the ABS and not the parish office


> The first table contains information from the 2006 Commonwealth Census.

> The second table contains information from the 2001 Commonwealth Census.

Within each of these two tables are comparisons of the 2570 more historic towns with the more recent 2567 towns. These two postcodes make up almost all of Camden parish.

> The third table contains information from the 2006 Commonwealth Census not included in the first two. These are from towns with postcodes other than 2570 and 2567. Some of the 2570 towns belong to The Oaks parish.

In the first two tables, information is also provided for the Camden Local Government Area (LGA), New South Wales and Australia. Percentage comparisons are quite interesting and well worth a reflective read.

However, while figures from the Camden LGA are a good indication of the Camden parish, they are not exact. For example, the townships of The Oaks and Oakdale - with postcodes 2570 - are not in Camden parish, but in the parish of The Oaks. Within Camden parish, the following applies:

Postal Area 2570

Postal Area 2567

Camden, Camden Park, Cawdor, Cobbitty, Elderslie, Ellis Lane, Grassmere, Mount Hunter, Orangeville and Werombi.

2567: Currans Hill, Harrington Park, Mount Annan, Narellan and Narellan Vale.

In addition to 2570 and 2567, the townships of Leppington (2179), Bringelly (2556), Catherine Field and Rossmore (2557) are also in the parish of Camden. But a further complication is that some of Bringelly is in the parish of Warragamba which is in the Diocese of Parramatta since the diocesan boundary is Bringelly Road.

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