St Justin's Primary School, Oran Park

The principal is Mr John Milgate; he commenced his duties at St Justin's from the beginning of the third term 2010. 

Oran Park Drive, Oran Park 2570
PO Box 889, Narellan NSW 2567
Tel: 02 4651 3800
Fax: 02 4651 3805

During the early years of this 21st century it had become increasingly apparent that the church would require new facilities to accommodate the growing number of residents in the local area - the south west of the expanding Sydney metropolitan.

Finally in mid 2009 after an exhaustive process covering quite a few years, a large parcel of land - in the form of three adjoining five-acre properties - was purchased with a vision of establishing a new parish in the years to come.

However, with baptisms in the parish ranging between 240 and 300 for every year of this decade, and with our two parish schools limited to a combined annual intake of 180, the need for a new primary school has become more immediate.

Accordingly, St Justin's school will be officially opened in 2012 although the tiny children comprising the initial intake will actually begin their classes at St Paul's in Camden for this year and the next while construction takes place at Oran Park.

The new site is ideally positioned and, by good chance, is located among a number of large residential developments - Harrington Park, Harrington Grove, Gregory Hills and the enormously large Oran Park. The site is just one kilometre from the entrance to the Oran Park precinct which will soon incorporate an imposingly large retail and business centre, as well as serve as a pivotal coordination point for transport interchange.

Over the next decade or so, St Justin's has been planned to expand steadily towards an annual intake of four streams of kindergarten children. At full capacity the school will accommodate 840 children. Besides the design and construction of contemporary school buildings, planning provisions have also been made on the site for pre-school facilities and, ultimately, a large church.

Well before this time, however, there are also tentative plans for a priest to take up residence on the site in one of the existing farm houses. In an area of such strong growth with a rapidly expanding school, the presence of a priest - for the celebration of the sacraments and for other various forms of pastoral involvement - is quite an imperative. Short-term plans for a resident priest, however, remain somewhat uncertain because of the acute shortage of priestly vocations.


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