St Clare's Primary School, Narellan Vale

The church site at St Clare's is experiencing a very visible transformation. The quality completion of new school buildings, the restoration of the older ones, the construction of a hall, and the impending construction of the new church will soon result in a truly wonderful site for the Catholic Church in this part of Macarthur.


Principal: Mr Kevin Devine

59 Holdsworth Drive, Narellan Vale
PO Box 116, Narellan 2567
Tel: 02 4647 2845
Fax: 02 4647 2847

Steady residential development over the last 15 years has stimulated rising demand for education in Catholic schools all across the parish. At St. Clare's, in particular, demand has been intense. The overwhelming number of families seeking enrolment for their children at St Clare's has been accommodated but, unfortunately, many others have been assigned to waiting lists.

In response, the school has expanded from its humble beginning in 1994 to the point where approximately 90 children are received into Kindergarten every year. In an effort to keep pace, a new wave of construction has progressed almost continuously since 2006, and has replaced the demountable classrooms that were provided as a temporary measure.

The new classrooms have been designed in keeping with some of the latest thinking in education - that is, that children should be “mixed and matched" according to their strengths, their interests and their needs.

Accordingly, the traditional “one-teacher, one class, one classroom" model of teaching has been complimented by team teaching in a more flexible learning environment. This has led to the construction of big learning spaces with common activity areas. Teachers confer more regularly, especially in the planning of each week's lessons. So far, the results seem to be quite positive with teachers reviews regularly undertaken.

Religious education has a pivotal place in the school and clergy visit on a regular basis to celebrate Mass with the children. In an outstanding school initiative, a music teacher has been recruited from the beginning of 2010 to work three days a week. The job embraces the teaching and sharing of a variety of music, including the church's sacred music.

There is no doubt that parents take a close interest in the education of their children and the facilities available. In past years parents have voluntarily agreed to raise their contributions substantially, and the most recently completed buildings stand as an abiding testament to their concern and commitment


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