• Bulletin Weekend 14-15 Oct 2017


    Twenty Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time  ~  A

    Lord, go before us in our daily lives; anticipate our needs & prevent our falling.



    The warmer spring weather is traditionally a very popular time for weddings. Indeed, in our own parish there were four weddings last Saturday, 7 October. And the weather that afternoon could be best described as picture-postcard perfect.



    Baptisms 15th October


    Flynn Joseph Carusi, son of Michael & Emma


    Owen Michael Rasmussen, son of Michael & Kathleen


    Audrey Grace Rickard, daughter of Jarrod & Paige


    Hunter Michael Sproule, son of Shaun & Natalie


    Christian Joseph Vella, son of John & Katrina




    Parish Pastoral Council: Next meeting has been scheduled for Wed. 25 October.



    From the Parish Pastoral Council 27 September


    Eulogies: A survey about eulogies was conducted at parish Masses on the weekend 23/24 September. The results were discussed sensibly at the most recent meeting of the parish pastoral council.


    There was acknowledgement that the length and the quality of eulogies have become increasingly unpredictable. Members of the PPC were able to share a variety of personal experiences about eulogies – that some were quite good; and that others were quite protracted. Various other observations were shared:


    • That respondents to the survey – regular parishioners – would most likely be quite sensitive to the need to keep eulogies brief and respectful;

    • That many people who attend funerals have taken leave from work and need to return;

    • That perhaps the funeral ceremony should be preceded by a 30-minute time period in which eulogies and slide shows must necessarily be confined.


    In summary, the main point of contention seems to be:


    Compassion for the families of the deceased who sometimes want to include numerous eulogies (on one hand) potentially in conflict with the respect and thoughtfulness that needs to be extended to those who have attended (on the other).


    The process of discernment continues. Please fee most welcome to communicate thoughts and feelings to Fr Michael.



    First Holy Communion Programme


    We’re now moving towards the next stage of the programme which is the beginning of the workshops from 30 October. By the end of this weekend, all families need to have completed and handed back enrolment forms and workshop selections sheets. Please see Father Michael to discuss any difficulties. A leaflet containing the workshops to which families have been assigned will be distributed next weekend.



    Church Computer Our weekend Masses are “serviced” in many different ways by parishioners who help according to a variety of rosters. Some forms of help are very noticeable but others are less visible though extremely important – like, for example, the preparation of altar linen. Currently we need a few more people who might be able to work the computer at Mass. This little job is suitable to people of all ages, though especially suitable to those of a younger generation who are comfortable with IT. Last Saturday at the Vigil, there was an outstanding music but without the words on screen to allow the congregation to participate. So please see Father Michael for more information.



    Ordination to the Priesthood


    Reverend Victor Vincent will be ordained to the priesthood in the Diocese of Wollongong on Tuesday 21 November 2017. As Victor was assigned to Camden for a short pastoral placement, Bishop Peter has directed the following statement be brought to the attention of parishioners:


    Victor Vincent has applied for ordination. If anyone knows of any reason why he should not be so ordained, he or she should report to the parish priest immediately.



    Organ Recital and Workshop,


    Saturday 28 October at St Francis Xavier Cathedral

    36 Harbour Street Wollongong.


    At 10:30am, Organ Teacher, Godelieve Ghavalas, will conduct a workshop on organ playing to show how pianists can easily develop the skills to readily play the new Allen digital pipe organs. Then, at 2:00pm, come and hear a recital by Allen Organ Scholarship recipient Cassandra Cordero playing a new Allen digital pipe organ at Wollongong Cathedral. All welcome.



    CatechistNET:    The latest edition is available with lots of interesting stories and reports. Please take home a copy from one of the magazine tables.




    Labourers in the Lord’s Harvest

    Next Week 21/22 October    Year A

    Saturday Morning Mass and Confessions



    Father Whitty

    Larry Johnson

    St Paul’s Saturday 5:00 Vigil            




    Special Ministers


    Altar Servers


    Father Michael

    Syd Hyett

    Trish Hyett, Tony Fitzgerald

    Brian Jenkins, Marita Maloney, Veronica Moore, Alison Galea

    Olivia Kosiak, Eugene Kosiak

    Belinda Vaccaro, Jen Charadia

    St Paul’s 8:00 AM




    Special Ministers


    Altar Servers


    Father Michael

    Eddie Ravino

    Anne Hyeronimus, Cheryl Carroll

    John Tannous, Glenn Crawford, Larry Johnson, Kathryn Hampton

    Andre Ravino, Ruby Thompson

    Cheryl Carroll

    St Paul’s 10:00 AM




    Special Ministers


    Altar Servers


    Father Michael

    James McFarlane

    Joseph Hanson, Oscar Marimbe

    Jenny Farias, Julie Sligar, Joseph Hanson, Christine Mills

    Natalia Farias, Emmanuel Aquilina

    Trent, Damian, Betty

    St Clare’s at St Paul’s 5.00 PM



    Special Ministers




    Children’s Liturgy


    Altar Servers



    Father Michael

    Judith Madsen, Angela Marshall

    Hans Ede, Simon Abernethy, Lachlan Abernethy, Arron Fitzsimmons

    Hans Ede

    Sue Hanson-Gunter, Samantha Vergara

    Hayden Abernethy, Anthony Zappia

    Jenny & Tasha

    General – 15 October


    Cleaners (chapel)

    Altar Linen

    Group 3 (Third Tuesday)

    Lee Matthews

    Patricia Howe

    14-15 OCTOBER 2017


    Reading I      Isaiah 25:6-10


    Isaiah tells us that the reign of God over his re-created world is to be ushered in with a feast, a coronation festival.  It is for everyone because the covenant of mercy is all-inclusive.  With an amazing leap of faith, the poet transcends all national bounds and sees the nations of the earth “bound by gold chains about the feet of God.”




    Response to the Psalm.

    I shall live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life.




    Reading II         Philippians 4:12-14, 19-20


    Paul tells the people that they learn to be content in all circumstances.  He assures them that God will supply whatever they need through the grace of His son, Jesus Christ.





    Gospel Acclamation

    Alleluia, alleluia!

    May the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ enlighten the eyes of

    our heart, that we might see how great is the hope to which we are called.  







    Reading III        Matthew 22:1-14


    We read in these versus that God’s invitation goes out to everyone, however, not everyone will respond to the invitation.  We all have the power to refuse God, but none of us are excluded from God’s love unless we intentionally refuse it.




    For Our Faithful Departed


    Pamela Smith, Patricia Plant, Clive Pickup, who died recently. Joseph Azzopardi, Phillipe Zamudio, Bernie Morris, Valtin Campbell, Margaret Campbell, Nell Thurn, Maureen Ovington, Paul & Sonta Saliba, Dominic Vitocco, whose anniversaries are remembered at this time. Domenico Addabbo, Domenic Sergi, Rosalind D’Silva, Elsie Anderson, Len Burke, Joan Burke, Victor Vella, Joseph and Maria Vella, Michael Vella, Nazzareno Vella, Karol Rozowicz, Nathan Giles, Therese Carroll, Rennie Vella and Diane Vella.  Requiescant in Pace.

    We Pray For Those Who are Unwell


    Especially Maureen Catania, John McMahon, Sue Johnson, Colin Host, Julie Xuereb, Liam Donohoe, Deidre McCabe, Rosa Maria Santos, Suzie Ciol, Grant Koens, unwell members of the McFadden and McKavanagh families, Catherine Mary Raymond, Deanne Saros, Darryl Ellis, Ian Goes, Shirley Gomes, baby Charlize Gravina, Keith Smith, Terry White, Paul Matanovic, Annie Azzopardi, Helen Parragi, Kelvin Huitt, Mary Burne, Heather Crosland, Anthony Dantu, Mary Elbro, Father O’Neil, Bev Steinhour, Margaret Heininger, Marguerite Spradley, Wanda Sharpe, Michael Thornton, Beryl Coles, and all our unwell family and friends.

    World Mission Sunday

    Prayers of the Faithful


    This year World Mission Sunday is 22nd October, 2017. Catholic Mission around the world has the responsibility of promoting a dignified and fruitful celebration of World Mission Sunday.


    This year, Catholic Mission’s World Mission Appeal is inspired by Pope Francis’ World Mission Message, which reminds us all that… mission is at the heart of our faith.


    Next weekend our parish will be holding the annual Catholic Mission World Mission Appeal. This year we are invited to share our support for the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Nha Trang, Vietnam as they work tirelessly to provide critical community resources such as clean drinking water and medical care to the country’s 12 million forgotten farming families, living in the coastal mountain regions. Please come prepared next weekend to give generously.


    The Sisters work tirelessly to combat malnutrition, as well as providing clean drinking water and accessible health and education services for the forgotten farming families in the nation’s remote coastal communities. There is perhaps even a deeper connection with this appeal given that we have our own dear Vietnamese priests serving in our Diocese.



    Celebrant: The reading in Matthew reminds us that the invitation from God is the invitation to a feast as joyous as being at a wedding.  God’s invitation is joy. To think of Christianity in negative terms - the giving up of everything which is happy and lovely – is to mistake this wonderful invitation.  It is to joy that we are all invited. And we will miss this joy if we refuse the invitation. Let us accept the invitation to become disciples for Christ.


    1.       That we may accept the call of Christ to treat others as we would treat ourselves, Lord hear us.


           Response: Lord, we ask you, hear our prayer.


    2.       That we may accept the call of Christ to learn from those of other nations who are different from ourselves, Lord hear us.


    3.       That we may accept the call of Christ to help those who are in any need or trouble, Lord hear us.


    4.       That we may accept the call of Christ to help the Church of God, Lord hear us.


    5.       That we may accept the call of Christ to be a good example to those in our care, Lord hear us.


    6.       That we may accept the call of Christ to honour him in all of creation, Lord hear us.


    Celebrant, Lord God, you remind us that God’s invitation is an invitation of grace. We can never earn or deserve your love.  We can only accept it.  It is through your great generosity that you invite each and every one of us to be saved.  Thanks be to you O Lord. Amen.




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