• Bulletin Weekend 02-03 Sep 2017


    Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time  ~  Year A


    Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.













    Jesus foretells his suffering and death at the hands of religious leaders.  He tells his disciples that they too must be prepared to face hardship and suffering.























    A Word of Thanks from Fr Joe

    Thank you to everyone for such a memorable celebration of my Silver Jubilee. I feel like I have been ordained again. I am deeply humbled by the generosity and thoughtfulness of the whole community. The three parish schools, St Paul’s, St Clare’s and Magdalene have come together to help me celebrate with the Eucharist just three days before the anniversary Mass, and they too were helping hands in reaching out to the children in the orphanage with a generous contribution.  I would like to thank Fr Michael for his fraternal support and guidance, who is behind the whole preparation for the occasion. The Parish Pastoral Council, in particular the organising committee, they have led me from one surprise to the next. For the administrative work, as well as the many attempts to liaise with the Australian embassy in Vietnam in attempting to bring my siblings here. While they didn’t pass the ‘border protection’ requirement, it was not through lack of trying by Cheryl and Elizabeth. Most of all, to each and every member of the parish community, for celebrating in thankfulness to God for me and with me. I am proud to be an ordained Roman Catholic priest. I am proud to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. I still hear His call.  May Our Blessed Lady, Mother of the Great High Priest and Mother of all Priests, intercede for us. Amen



    Australian Catholic Youth Festival 2017


    It is with great excitement that the registration for ACYF in Sydney from 7-9 December 2017 has been launched!

    Individuals are who would like to travel with the Diocesan group can go to http://dow.sh/ACYF2017 to register their interest.



    Live Festival – Wollongong - 15 September


    Our Wollongong LIVE Festival is back! For ages 15-35 LIVE Festival will be filled with great live music, food, games and guest speakers as well as heaps of other young people from our Diocese. Festival kicks off at 5:15pm and finishes at 8:30pm. Go to http://dow.sh/livefestvial17 for more information and to register your interest



    Prayers of the Faithful


    Celebrant: The cross can be seen as a symbol of persecution but it can also be seen as an expression of love.  The vertical piece would represent love for God, and the horizontal piece would represent love for the neighbour.  The cross is a perfect symbol of God’s will for us.  We pray that Christians will rejoice in the cross which is the symbol of love and victory over death.

    1. That Christians everywhere will choose humble service over haughty power,
    Lord hear us.

     Response:     Lord, we ask you, hear our prayer.

    2. That Christians everywhere who bear a cross may draw strength from Jesus’ suffering,
    Lord hear us.

    3. That Christians everywhere will chose to serve others at cost to themselves,
    Lord hear us.

    4. That Christians everywhere will fight for justice and peace in the world,
    Lord hear us.

    5. That Christians everywhere who face death may find the promise of life’s purpose in the cross,
    Lord hear us.

    6. That Christians everywhere will celebrate the power of the cross and it’s victory over death,
    Lord hear us.

    Celebrant: Lord God, when we think about having a purpose-filled life, help us to have the courage of our convictions.  May we find the strength to accept our crosses as did Christ our Saviour.  In whose name we pray.




    Labourers in the Lord’s Harvest

    Next Week 9/10 September    Year A

    Saturday Morning Mass and Confessions



    Father Whitty

    Pat O’Flynn

    St Paul’s Saturday 5:00 Vigil            




    Special Ministers


    Altar Servers


    Father Michael

    Syd Hyett

    Mark D’Souza, Tony Fitzgerald

    Trish Hyett, Candace D’Souza, Brian Ovington, Sharon Picken

    William Winsor. Amelia Sammarco

    Maria & Sarah

    St Paul’s 8:00 AM




    Special Ministers


    Altar Servers


    Father Joe

    Larry Johnson

    Kathryn Hampton, Rebecca Ward

    John Tannous, Anne Hyeronimus, Lorraine Phillips, Glenn Crawford

    Patrick Ward, Ruby Thompson


    St Paul’s 10:00 AM




    Special Ministers


    Altar Servers


    Father Michael

    James McFarlane

    Lisa Saunders, Joseph Hanson

    Christine Mills, Julie Sligar. Julian Farias, Gerald Kenneally

    Dylan Burgess, Tim Saunders

    Steve, Damian, Betty

    St Clare’s at St Paul’s 5.00 PM



    Special Ministers



    Children’s Liturgy


    Altar Servers


    Father Joe

    Angela Marshall, Ola Wojcik

    Adam Rafferty, Clare Power, Brian Jenkins

    Joanne Knowles

    Eileen Shuttleworth

    Volunteer required

    Anthony Zappia, Zac Gunner

    Tony Lo Cascio

    General – 3 September


    Cleaners (chapel)

    Altar Linen

    Group 1 (First Tuesday)

    Noella Gadd, Pete Williams

    Lucy Aquilina

    2-3 SEPTEMBER 2017

    Reading I      Jeremiah 20:7-9


    It is obvious that God’s knowing of Jeremiah is more than cognitive.  It is rather an activity of relationship.  Jeremiah stresses the difficulty in fulfilling the cross that he must bear in his life.  But he finally acknowledges that God breaks through his resistance and he fulfils his calling.




    Response to the Psalm.

    My soul is thirsting for you, O Lord my God.




    Reading II         Romans 12:1-2


    As the apostle to the Gentiles, Paul is conscious of his responsibility to the Romans.  He wants to strengthen their faith.  He appeals for their dedication to God and for the responsibilities of each of them for the service of all.  He begins with the ethical instruction and exhortation of the law of love.




    Gospel Acclamation

    Alleluia, alleluia!  

    May the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ

    enlighten the eyes of our heart,

    that we might see how great is

    the hope to which we are called.  





    Reading III        Matthew 16:21-27


    Jesus once again confronts the people with the challenges of Christian life.  He stresses that each one of them must deny themselves and take up their cross.  If we are to follow Christ, each one of us must take up our own cross in order to fulfil our own destiny.





    For Our Faithful Departed

    Patricia Dixon, Salvatore Lauricella, June Clapson, Keith Millar, Julie Bracken, who died recently. Andy Stubbs, Yvonne Hoad, Mary, Vere & Patrick Walton, Telipa . Abasolo, Apolimar E. Abasolo, Horace M. Adams, Larry Gorton, Mary Farrugia, Anne Crouche, Charlotte Vella, Carmela Ottobre, Joan Blewett, deceased members of the Ryan and Lewis families, Dominic Vitocco, Julie Jenkins, Anne Kozicki, Maria Vaccaro, Harold Angilley, whose anniversaries are remembered at this time. Maria Grech, Elsie Anderson, Len Burke, Joan Burke, Victor Vella, Joseph and Maria Vella, Michael Vella, Nazzareno Vella, Karol Rozowicz, Nathan Giles, Therese Carroll, Rennie Vella and Diane Vella.  Requiescant in Pace.

    We Pray For Those Who are Unwell

    Especially Maureen Catania, John McMahon, Phoenix Leetch, Sue Johnson, Colin Host, Julie Xuereb, Liam Donohoe, Deidre McCabe, Rosa Maria Santos, Suzie Ciol, Grant Koens, unwell members of the McFadden and McKavanagh families, Catherine Mary Raymond, Deanne Saros, Darryl Ellis, Ian Goes, Shirley Gomes, baby Charlize Gravina, Keith Smith, Terry White, Paul Matanovic, Annie Azzopardi, Helen Parragi, Kelvin Huitt, Mary Burne, Heather Crosland, Anthony Dantu, Mary Elbro, Father O’Neil, Bev Steinhour, Margaret Heininger, Marguerite Spradley, Wanda Sharpe, Michael Thornton, Beryl Coles, and all our unwell family and friends.


    First Reading          A reading from the prophet Jeremiah 20: 7-9


    You have seduced me, Lord, and I have let myself be seduced; you have overpowered me: you were the stronger. I am a daily laughing-stock, everybody's butt. Each time I speak the word, I have to howl and proclaim: 'Violence and ruin!' The word of the Lord has meant for me insult, derision, all day long. I used to say, 'I will not think about him, I will not speak in his name any more.' Then there seemed to be a fire burning in my heart, imprisoned in my bones. The effort to restrain it wearied me, I could not bear it.

    The word of the Lord.




    Second Reading      A reading from the letter of St Paul to the Romans. 12: 1-2


    Think of God's mercy, my brothers, and worship him, I beg you, in a way that is worthy of thinking beings, by offering your living bodies as a holy sacrifice, truly pleasing to God. Do not model yourselves on the behaviour of the world around you, but let your behaviour change, modelled by your new mind. This is the only way to discover the will of God and know what is good, what it is that God wants, what is the perfect thing to do.

    The word of the Lord.




    Gospel                       A reading from the holy Gospel according to Matthew 16: 21-27



    Jesus began to make it clear to his disciples that he was destined to go to Jerusalem and suffer grievously at the hands of the elders and chief priests and scribes, to be put to death and to be raised up on the third day.  Then, taking him aside, Peter started to remonstrate with him.  'Heaven preserve you, Lord,' he said. 'This must not happen to you.' But he turned and said to Peter, 'Get behind me, Satan!  You are an obstacle in my path, because the way you think is not God's way but man's.' Then Jesus said to his disciples, 'If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let him renounce himself and take up his cross and follow me.  For anyone who wants to save his life will lose it; but anyone who loses his life for my sake will find it.  What, then, will a man gain if he wins the whole world and ruins his life?  Or what has a man to offer in exchange for his life? 'For the Son of Man is going to come in the glory of his Father with his angels, and, when he does, he will reward each one according to his behaviour.

    The Gospel of the Lord.













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