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Second Rite of Reconciliation

Wed, Apr. 17, 2019 7:00pm — 8:00pm

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The 2nd Rite of Reconciliation has been scheduled for Wednesday 17th at 7:00 PM.

There will be about five priests present.

Examination of Conscience for Adults Is my heart set on God or am I more concerned with the values and pleasures of this world?

Am I wholehearted in accepting the Church’s teaching? Do I avoid dangers to the faith?

Have I been strong and fearless in professing my faith in God and the Church?

Have I been willing to be known as Christian in private and public life?

Have I love and reverence for God’s name? Do I keep Sundays and feast days holy, especially in my presence at Mass?

Are there any false gods that I’ve worshipped such as money, superstition or any occult practices? What is my attitude to the Sacrament of Penance, and do I sincerely want to be set free from sin, and to begin a new life?

Have I forgotten to mention or deliberately concealed any grave sins from previous confessions?

Have I a genuine love for my neighbours and acquaintances or do I use them for my own ends?

In my family life, have I contributed to the well-being and happiness of the rest of the family by patience and genuine love?

Have I been careful to give a Christian upbringing to my children?

Have I been truthful and fair, or have I injured others by deceit, calumny, rash judgement or violation of a secret?

Have I gone against my conscience out of fear or hypocrisy?

Have I been patient in accepting the sorrows and disappointments of life? Where is my life really leading me?

Have I tried to receive the sacraments regularly and exercise restraint?

Have I been resolved to control my vices, my inclinations and passions eg: envy, love of food and drink?

Have I been proud, boastful and self-satisfied, thinking of myself superior to others and treating them as less important than myself?

Have I kept my senses and whole body pure and chaste as a temple of the Holy Spirit?

Have I dishonored my body by fornication, impurity, unworthy conversation or thoughts, entertainment that is contrary to Christian and human decency?

Have I been faithful to moral law in my married life? Have I done violence to others by damage to others physically, or by damage to another’s reputation?

Have I kept up hatred or resentment to others, and have remained estranged from others by anger and resentment?

Have I stolen the property of others or damaged it?