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Lent Event

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Lent Event 30 March 2019


At the most recent meeting of the parish pastoral council on 27 February, a decision was again reached to host the annual Lent Event. Have you ever been? The entirety of the event begins with a presence at the 5:00 PM Saturday evening Vigil Mass and is followed by a short walk to the Heritage Hall. Pre-dinner refreshments are available from 6:00 PM.
Participants are usually seated soon after. And the meal is served from 6:30 PM. The formalities are completed by about 8:00 though many people often stay a little longer. A feature of the night is the assigned discussion topic, and then listening to the feedback. Always a good night with the total cost for food and beverages set at just $15. For catering and organisational purposes, please register at the parish office by Tuesday 26th March. With thanks.